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How to Cancel Sling TV? Sling TV Subscription Cancellation

Sling TV is one of many streaming services that offer regular TV channels for many devices, from desktops to mobile phones. As such, it never hurts to learn how to cancel this particular subscription service, no matter why you may want to cancel it. In this case, there are several different methods of cancelling Sling TV subscription depending on the device you’re using.

Subscription services as a whole have become incredibly popular in recent years, covering many different fields and markets. There is also one specific market that may have been affected the most, and that is streaming. Streaming as a service, be it video streaming or television streaming, quickly turned into a massive competitive field that has many players and companies competing for your time and money.

While some of the most popular competitors in this field are known to pretty much anybody, such as Netflix, Disney+ or HBO Max, there are also many other companies offering similar services – such as Sling TV. Sling TV, as the name suggests, is a TV streaming service that aims to provide access to television channels for a number of devices, and not just the one that is physically connected to a satellite dish or to a cable.

As with the rest of the services we have described, Sling TV is distributed using a subscription-based model with a regular billing. As such, there might come a time when you wish to cancel this subscription, for one reason or another. Maybe you are not using it as often, or you are just trying to cut back your monthly spendings – there are several different means that can be used to cancel Sling TV subscription.

How to cancel Sling TV online?

If you have a reason for cancellation, then the question “How to cancel Sling TV?” is already on your mind. There are two main ways to cancel your Sling TV subscription online – using the official Sling TV website or with the help of customer support. The latter option is relatively obvious since all you have to do is to contact Sling TV customer support and work with them afterwards, but the former method is what needs a bit more explanation.

First of all, we have to start by going to the official Sling TV website (can be found here) and logging in. Your user credentials are needed to perform the following actions.

After we are logged in to the Sling TV account, we have to locate the “Settings” button – it may look different depending on the browser you are using, but it should always be located in the top right corner of the screen. Clicking on the “Manage Account” button afterwards would open a completely new browser window for you.

The “My Account” page includes all of your subscription-related information, including the next billing date, your account information, and more. Click “Cancel Subscription” here to initiate the cancellation process.

Most of the time, you are going to see some sort of discount or another form of incentive to try and change your mind about cancelling the subscription in question. Additionally, Sling TV usually asks its users to choose a reason for cancellation, too. After choosing the reason, press the “Cancel Subscription” button to finish the process.

It should be noted here that this particular cancellation method also offers the ability to pause your subscription instead of cancelling it, if you do not want to stop using Sling TV for more than three months at a time. If you wish to use this option, you can find the “Pause subscription” button on the “Manage Account” page.

How to cancel Sling TV on Roku?

If you are using Sling TV with a Roku device, the cancellation process is somewhat different. You have to choose the Sling TV with the Roku remote and choose the “Manage subscriptions” option in the drop-down list.

On the following screen, you should be able to see the “Cancel subscription” option. Choosing it would end the Sling TV cancellation process (the device should also show you how many more days of subscription you have left before the service stops working for you).

How to cancel Sling TV on Amazon?

The Sling TV cancel subscription process is also different when the billing is performed using Amazon. It should work with both the free trial cancellation, as well as with the actual Sling TV paid subscription – the last step would be the only difference between these two cases.

As such, all you have to do is to go to the official Amazon website and log in. After that, there is a simple sequence of commands: Your Account, Your Apps and Devices, Your Subscriptions, Sling TV. After getting to the Sling TV screen, you should have both the auto-renewal option and the subscription cancellation option available within that same page.

It is worth noting that billing a Sling TV subscription through Amazon might not give you the ability to change Sling TV plans without outright cancelling the entire subscription, which is not particularly convenient for some users. 

Additionally, unlike with the paid subscription, your free trial would end immediately after you have pressed the “turn off auto renewal” button. The same could be applied to other means of getting a Sling TV free trial – it is recommended to deactivate the auto-renewal beforehand if you do not wish to be charged for the service when the free period ends.

How to cancel Sling TV with a phone?

The process of unsubscribing from Sling TV over the phone is drastically different from everything we have already discussed. All you have to do here is to call 1-888-291-5217 and ask the Sling TV agent to cancel your subscription. You may have to provide information to the agent that confirms your identity, and it is recommended to ask the agent to send you a confirmation email, too.

In your statement, Sling TV subscription may show in multiple different forms, but it should always have a variation of the service’s name, be it SLING TV or SLING.COM. Additionally, Sling TV does not offer refunds for the time you have already paid for. What it does is offer you the ability to use the entire service for the time period that you paid for, even if you have already cancelled your Sling TV subscription.

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