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How to Cancel SiriusXM?

Subscription services and memberships are at their highest right now, and it becomes more and more problematic to keep track of everything at once. Additionally, cancelling some memberships is not as straightforward as it may seem – which is why we’re offering this article about LA Fitness membership cancellation.

The world of subscription services has grown immensely in the past few years, but there are also a lot of services that have been around before that, too – including many unusual and case-specific services. Our example here is SiriusXM – a satellite/online radio service that operates in both the United States and Canada, providing hundreds of channels with music, sports, comedy, as well as other forms of audio entertainment.

The service itself is vast and varied, but there might come a time when you may want to cancel it – the same could happen to any subscription service, no matter what the exact cancellation reason is. What is interesting here is the variety of different ways to choose from when the question “How to cancel SiriusXM?” comes up.

As such, we can figure out at least three different ways to cancel SiriusXM subscription – and a fourth way that is tied to the type of service you are using. SiriusXM subscription can be canceled using a phone call, a mobile app, a live chat with customer support, and via the official website (this option only works for one type of service).

How to cancel SiriusXM using the official website

Here, we are combining two different options into a single one, because of how SiriusXM works. Since it is a radio service that can be provided both online and via satellites, the cancellation methods for these two differ slightly from one another.

As a direct consequence of this, while SiriusXM does have an option to cancel your subscription online using nothing but your user credentials and an official website, it is only available for the radio online service – and not for the satellite radio service.

To cancel your radio online service using the official SiriusXM website, the first thing you have to do is to get to the website in question and log in using your user credentials. After that, you should have a separate button at the top of the page called “Manage Your Account”.

Clicking said button leads you to your account settings page, with many different options. The option we are looking for is “Change Billing Info”, which allows you to acquire more details about your subscription. Right after that, all you have to do is to click “Cancel Service” and confirm your choice, if the website asks for it.

The alternative for this SiriusXM cancellation method would be to initiate a live chat with SiriusXM’s customer support – and this method works for both online and satellite radio distribution, too. Since the process does imply a conversation with a real person, it is rather hard to present anything but the baseline of the process.

You can find the “Live Chat” option on the official SiriusXM website by clicking the “Help & Support” option on the main page of the website. After that, there are two more steps: a “Contact Us” button in the list of support options, and the “Chat Now” button to go directly to the live chat with the customer support.

It should be noted that you may have to present some sort of proof of your identity before the agent would be able to proceed with your subscription cancellation request. There may even be a preset for the SiriusXM cancellation as an option in the chatbox before the conversation begins – as one of the “suggested” options.

How to cancel SiriusXM if it was billed using a mobile app

While it is true that SiriusXM used to provide only satellite radio, the appearance of the online radio on the list of capabilities led to the development of SiriusXM mobile app. Unfortunately, this app does not allow you to bill your SiriusXM subscription directly with the service itself – which is why it is billed with the service that your system is working with (Google for Android devices and Apple for Apple devices).

The process of canceling your subscription on both of these device types is not particularly complicated. The biggest difference between the two is that Android devices are performing their subscription cancellations using the Google Play Store app, while Apple devices can do the same with just the “Settings” menu.

Other than that, the process of accessing your subscription settings is rather similar for both cases. For Android devices, you would have to open the Google Play Store app, click on your profile page and choose “Payments & Subscriptions” option. Clicking “Subscriptions” one more time would bring you to a complete list of all your subscriptions billed using your Google account – and you would have the ability to cancel each of these subscriptions from within that same menu.

For Apple devices (iPhones and iPads), you would have to open your “Settings” app first. After that, there are only two simple steps – clicking on your Apple ID and choosing “Subscriptions” in the subsequent menu. This sequence of actions would bring you to the “Subscriptions” menu that is similar to the one in the Android ecosystem – and this one also provides you with the ability to cancel each of your subscriptions.

How to cancel SiriusXM subscription over the phone

The last option that we can showcase here is the process of canceling a SiriusXM subscription with a phone call. The phone number you’re looking for is 1-866-635-5020, and it only works on business days (Monday to Friday), starting with 8 AM and ending with 8 PM ET.

The cancellation process here is similar to what we have described about the Live Chat method – after contacting the operator, inform them of your intent to cancel SiriusXM subscription. You may have to confirm your identity in some way before your request is processed.

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