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How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership?

Planet Fitness is a vast American fitness chain that has many gyms and a lot of customers, but its membership cancellation tactics are as inconvenient as it gets. In this article, we go over how you can and cannot cancel Planet Fitness memberships using several different approaches.


Planet Fitness is a massive American fitness chain (not to be confused with Planet Fitness in South Africa) with over two thousand locations, and it is represented not only in the US, but also in Canada, Mexico, Australia, as well as the Dominican Republic and Panama. However, even though it has millions of customers, it is not in any way convenient for any user that wants to manage their subscription.

Since the number of subscription services in many different areas seems to be expanding on a regular basis, a lot of people already expect a service to provide them the ability to manage their subscription online. Unfortunately, Planet Fitness is not one of these services.

How to cancel Planet Fitness with a phone or with an app

Planet Fitness has a useful website full of information, it offers customer support, the means of transferring your membership from one location to another – but you cannot cancel Planet Fitness membership online here.

This kind of approach seems completely intentional since Planet Fitness also has its own mobile app that is extremely useful and offers dozens of different workouts and exercises. It also has a referral system, the ability to upgrade their membership level, the means of booking a fitness session, and even a digital key tag to confirm your identity in these sessions – everything but the membership cancellation.

Additionally, not only you cannot cancel Planet Fitness online, but you cannot do that with a phone call, either. Both the phone calls and the online services (such as customer support) do not allow you to quickly cancel your membership whenever you want.

This begs the question: How to quit Planet Fitness in the first place? The only means of outright cancelling Planet Fitness membership so far are to use the regular mail, or to cancel it in person.

How to cancel Planet Fitness subscription in person

Probably the easiest option of the two, but still not exactly convenient, is to personally cancel your Planet Fitness subscription by going to the gym you're signed up for. All that you need to do once you're there is to ask for a cancellation form and fill it in its entirety, and then sign it.

It is also recommended to take a picture of your filled form right then and there, to have proof of providing a signed form at a specific time and date. Once you've filled out the form in question, hand it over to the gym supervisor, and ask them to email you once your cancellation order is processed.

While it is the least stressful option here, it is still not completely failsafe, since it would take just one human error for your cancellation form to not go through, so it is possible you can get billed even after filling the cancellation form. In this case, all you can do is to trust the person in question to do their job correctly, and hope that nothing goes wrong.

How to cancel Planet Fitness subscription using a letter

Surprisingly enough, Planet Fitness cancellation can also be handled by sending a certified letter to the gym location that you've been using. A letter in question should have a clear cancellation request, as well as the date of cancellation and all of your information that should prove your identity.

The information in question includes your full name, your phone number, your date of birth, your email address, your geographical address, as well as your Planet Fitness membership number and the last four numbers of the credit card that you've used to set up a recurring payment (if you have one).

The letter in question must also be signed and sent as an official certified letter, so that it can be tracked with the USPS (United States Postal Service), giving you the letter trail if you'll need it in the future. Usually, the company should be able to respond to you in a week's time, give or take a few days.

Contracts and cancellation fees

A rather inconvenient way to cancel Planet Fitness membership is not the only issue you may face in these situations. A lot of people sign contracts when starting their memberships, usually lured in by the promise of low prices.

The problem here is that these contracts often have a specific time period in mind, and the fees to cancel one of these contracts before it is complete are massive, going as high as six times the monthly payment you'd usually pay for this membership.

In some cases, it is far less costly to just wait for the contract to end, rather than to try and cancel it on the spot – especially since most of the contracts usually last for either 6 or 12 months at most. It is a good place for a reminder that Planet Fitness membership can be shown in your statement in multiple ways, but it should always include either "PLANET FIT" or "PLANET FITNESS" word combination, making it easier for you to see how much you've been billed for this particular membership.

However, there is also another alternative to paying a massive cancellation fee or paying for a membership altogether – and that is having a good reason why the cancellation or the pausing is out of your control. Two of the most common leeways here are injuries and relocations.

If you do have an injury, you can ask for a note detailing how much time you will not be able to use gym facilities – your subscription should not be billed for that time period, if you've presented this note to the gym in question. Additionally, if you are moving to a new location for some reason, you have to have more than 40 km distance from the nearest Planet Fitness gym to your new home to have a reason for cancellation without fees.

There are also several other cases when you might not have to pay the Planet Fitness cancellation fee, but these are the most common ones, while the rest are far more case-specific and rare.

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