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How to Cancel Microsoft Office 365 Subscription?

Microsoft 365 is an incredibly versatile subscription that offers cloud storage, a plethora of Office-related services, as well as some other appliances. However, there might come a time when you'll want to cancel this particular subscription – which is why explaining different subscription cancellation methods is the main goal of this article.

Microsoft Office 365 (recently rebranded as Microsoft 365) is a highly useful subscription that gives access to all kinds of apps and services to its user – including your standard package of MS Office standalone applications, their web versions in the form of Office 365, a OneDrive storage capacity of 1 Tb or more, and so on. There are multiple different plans that Microsoft offers for its M365 subscription, so it's rather easy to find one that fits your specific use case.

A rather unusual feature of Microsoft 365 as a service is that it does have a free trial in place, but it does not automatically turn into a paid subscription, like it does with most modern subscription services. What it does have is a so-called "grace period" – there is a 30-day period after your free trial is finished, in which you can purchase Microsoft 365 subscription and retain everything you've done using the free trial version. However, after the 30-day period passes, all of your free trial data is going to be deleted.

Since M365 subscription is supported by most of the modern devices and systems, it is rather useful to have and can come in handy in a lot of different situations. However, a time may come when you would want to cancel Microsoft Office subscription, for whatever reason.

Maybe the price for the service is too much for you, or one of the apps is not working as intended, or you just don't really use it anymore – as with any other subscription, Microsoft has an option to cancel the subscription for you. There is the traditional cancellation method with the help of Microsoft's website, and there are also several other methods depending on if you've subscribed to Microsoft's services directly or not.How to cancel CBS subscription with a website?

First thing you'll have to do is to get to the CBS website (and sign in, as well). After that, you'll be able to see your account name at the top of the screen, and a small arrow near it. This arrow hides a drop-down menu that you have to access by clicking said arrow.

The drop down menu in question offers three main options – "Account", "Help" and "Sign Out". To get access to the subscription management menu, we'll have to click the "Account" option. This would allow you to access a separate page that contains all of your account settings.

This particular page has a lot of different settings, but the ones we're looking for are located in the "Subscription & Billing" category. Here, we have to search for the "Subscription" line, as well as the "Cancel Subscription" link that we have to click.

This is where the process can be slightly different depending on a chance – you might be offered a discount or a free service in exchange to keep using the CBS subscription, and you'll probably be asked to complete an optional survey, as well. Clicking "No Thanks" on all of the enticing free service offers and clicking "Yes, Cancel" is the right order of things if you want your subscription to stop.

How to cancel Microsoft Office 365 subscription with a website

If we're working with a Microsoft website in the first place, the first thing you'll have to do is to access Microsoft's account page and enter your credentials. If you're already logged in, you have to click on your profile picture in the upper right part of the screen and choose the "My Microsoft account" option.

Once you've logged in, we can teach you how to cancel Microsoft Office subscription. At your "Microsoft account" page you'll be able to see several different options at the top of the screen, such as "Security'', "Privacy", "Devices", and so on. The option we're looking for is called "Services & subscriptions", and clicking it should switch your screen to another tab that includes most of the subscription-related information.

This particular tab should have a separate category for Office 365/Microsoft 365, as well as several different buttons. Clicking the "Manage" button should expand the list of options, with the two most important ones being "Cancel" and "Change". The main difference between the two is that the "Cancel" option ends your subscription immediately, with you subsequently losing all access to Microsoft 365 apps and services.

Alternatively, the "Change" option gives you the ability to either switch your current M365 plan to a different one, or to pause your recurring billing. This latter option is an alternative to subscription cancellation – but it does not revoke your access to the service immediately, so that you can still use all of the services for the entirety of the time you paid for, be it a month, a year, or another period of time.

No matter which option you're going to choose, you'll get a pop-up asking to confirm your subscription cancellation/pausing. Confirming your action is the last step in our guide on how to cancel Microsoft Office subscription with an official website.

How to cancel Microsoft Office 365 subscription with Android

While the method described above is probably the most convenient one for the majority of situations, it is possible to bill your M365 subscription using different services, such as Google or Apple. If we're talking Android and iPhone/iPad devices specifically, the cancellation method would be rather normal – using Play Store/App Store's own subscription management menus.

Android devices have to use the Google Play Store app to work with M365 subscription. To do that, you'll have to open the app in question, click on your profile picture and choose the "Payments & subscriptions" option. This should show you a rather small menu with four possible options to choose from – and we'll be choosing the "Subscriptions" menu to proceed.

The "Subscriptions" menu is a page that should show all of the subscriptions that have been billed through this particular Google account, and to cancel your M365 subscription here, you'll have to find it on the list and click "Cancel" near this specific option.

How to cancel Microsoft Office 365 subscription with Apple

If you want to know how to cancel Microsoft Office 365 subscription on an iPhone – the process here is pretty much the same, with the biggest difference being that your subscription management menu would be located in the "Settings" app, and not in the App Store.

Aside from that, it is pretty similar – open your "Settings" menu, click on your Apple ID and locate the "Subscriptions" button. The "Subscriptions" menu is a list of subscriptions billed via this Apple ID, and clicking "Cancel" near M365 would cancel this particular subscription.

It is also worth noting that our first method (with a website) should also work with Mac devices, since they also have a web browser – and you can also cancel this subscription via an iTunes or an App Store desktop app by using the same process as described above – locating your Apple ID, finding a "Subscriptions" menu and canceling M365 subscription.

Refunds and phone cancellation

Surprisingly enough, it is still possible to cancel your M365 subscription in a rather traditional way – via Microsoft's support phone number. It is (800) 642-7676, and you'll have to confirm your identity before being able to cancel the subscription.

There are many different ways that Microsoft 365 subscription can look like in your statement, but it most definitely includes some variation of the company's (service's) name, be it "MICROSOFT", "MSFT" or "O365.COM".

What's even more interesting is that Microsoft also offers refunds for its subscription in some cases, and they are mostly tied with getting compensation or a discount for something. It can be done both via a phone call (as mentioned above), or with the company's live chat.

In both cases, a reason for a refund is mandatory. Maybe you've bought a yearly subscription and did not realize it until several weeks later, or if you were not satisfied with the level of service in your first month of M365 subscription ever – both of these cases should be eligible for a refund or a discount most of the time.

Additionally, Microsoft also offers a partial refund for subscriptions that were canceled mid-use, and the refund amount would only include the payment for all of the remaining days you did not use before canceling.

It is worth noting that everything refund-related applies only when you've billed your M365 subscription via Microsoft themselves – billing via iTunes or other sources might be somewhat different and include different refund terms, as well.

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