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How to Cancel Hulu Subscription? How to Cancel Hulu Account?

As with most subscription services, it’s not that different to activate Hulu’s free trial or to subscribe to this service in the first place. However, there might be some difficulty when it comes to cancelling your subscriptions, depending on the billing method – and this article attempts to fix that problem.

The reason for you to cancel your subscription might be pretty much anything. You may want to try and switch to a different streaming service, or you want to tighten your spendings in terms of subscriptions, in general. It's possible that you simply want to cancel the Hulu trial period, or you are just not happy with the service as a whole. It doesn't really matter, the only important factor here is what service you've used to pay for a Hulu subscription in the first place.

Surprisingly enough, the biggest difference here would be not in the method of cancelling your Hulu subscription, but in the method (or, rather, a place) you've used to start it. For example, billing through Hulu themselves and billing via an Apple device have different sets of methods for subscription cancellation.

Cancelling Hulu subscription

The first option we're going to go over is the basic one - when you've started using Hulu subscription within Hulu's website and now you want to cancel it. Here's how you can do that:

  • First, you have to go to Hulu's account page and log into your own Hulu account. That's how you get to the "Manage Your Account" page;
  • While you can use this page to change the terms of your subscription, we're here solely for the purpose of subscription cancellation – which is why we'll have to click on the "Cancel" button near the "Cancel Your Subscription" line;
  • Unfortunately, you'll still have to go through several more stages before your subscription is cancelled. The first window here offers you the ability to pause your subscription (we'll go over that later), and you have to click the black "Continue to cancel" button to proceed;
  • The next screen prompts you to choose the reason for you to cancel the Hulu plan, and also gives you the option to go to their customer support ("Help Center") instead. Choose one of the options and click "Continue to cancel" once again to actually cancel your Hulu subscription.

It should be noted that unsubscribing from Hulu does not mean that you lose access to the service immediately – you can still use Hulu up until your billing period expires. The only exception here is when you cancel your Hulu subscription during the free trial period – in this case, you'll lose your access rights to Hulu services immediately.

As we've mentioned before, purchasing a Hulu subscription using Hulu's own website is far from being the only option available. Hulu actually offers you the ability to see which service you've used to purchase a Hulu subscription so that you have a better understanding of how to manage and/or cancel your subscription if you want to.

You can find your payment information on the same Hulu account page, within a specific category called "Payment Information". You're going to need this information to find out how to cancel your subscription through other services and/or devices. Since the number of different third-party services is quite big, we'll start with Apple devices, and then proceed to work with other services.

In this case, there would be three main platforms you could use to cancel your Hulu subscription – iPhones/iPads, Mac devices (via iTunes) and Apple TV.

How to cancel Hulu membership using an iPhone/iPad

Since Apple's own rules do not allow for payments to proceed without using Apple Pay, there's no dedicated option to unsubscribe from Hulu in their mobile app. Here's what you can do instead:

  • Use your iPad or iPhone to open a dedicated Settings application;
  • Pretty much the first information you're going to see in this app is your Apple ID name and/or other information. Tap your Apple ID profile to proceed;
  • On your Apple ID page, you'll be able to see a number of options – payments, passwords, and so on. There's also a separate option for Subscriptions that you'll have to press to proceed;
  • On your subscription list, you'll be able to see all of the different subscriptions that are currently active on your Apple account. Choosing any of these subscriptions – Hulu, in our case – gives you the ability to cancel the subscription in the form of a "Cancel subscription" button.

How to cancel my Hulu account in iTunes

That being said, using one of Apple's mobile devices is not the only alternative here. In this case, you can still manage your subscriptions using a desktop iTunes application.

  • On your subscription list, you'll be able to see all of the different subscriptions that are currently active on your Apple account. Choosing any of these subscriptions – Hulu, in our case – gives you the ability to cancel the subscription in the form of a "Cancel subscription" button;
  • The Settings page has a lot of different options, but the one we're looking for is Subscriptions – clicking the "Manage" button near this option should move you further on this journey;
  • This page is relatively similar to what you could've seen on your iPhone device already – a page that lists all of your active subscriptions. Just like before, you can choose each and every one of these subscriptions and cancel them with the "Cancel subscription" button.

How to cancel Hulu membership via Apple TV

It should be noted that Apple TV can offer you the ability to cancel the subscription if the application tied to this subscription is still installed on your Apple TV device. Other than that, the process is relatively simple.

  • Open your device's Settings menu;
  • Choose Users & Accounts option from a list of options you see on the Settings menu;
  • Choose the account you want to manage subscriptions for;
  • There's a dedicated Subscriptions button that you can choose after entering a specific account's settings;
  • Just as before, you'll be faced with a list of subscriptions that you can manage, and you can cancel each and every one of them using the Cancel Subscription button.

Using Android device to unsubscribe from Hulu

Now that we're done with Apple devices, we can still go over another successful competitor in the field of mobile devices – Android smartphones and tablets. Unlike Apple, there is an option to unsubscribe from Hulu within Hulu's own mobile app for Android.

  • After opening the Hulu application on your Android device, you have to press the Profile button on the bottom of the screen to begin the process;
  • The Profile page should give you a number of options, including the one called Account – this is the one we're looking for;
  • The app would then prompt you to re-enter your account's password before proceeding. After doing that, you'll have several different options that are all tied with your Hulu account's management. Somewhere close to the bottom of the list you should be able to find a Cancel Your Subscription button;
  • Just as with desktop Hulu subscription cancellation experience, you're going to have to go through several steps before your subscription is cancelled. Our first step consists of clicking the Cancel button once;
  • On the next two pages, you're going to click Continue to Cancel two separate times, but you also have to choose one of the presented reasons for your subscription cancellation before doing that the second time. After that, your Hulu subscription should be canceled for good.

How to cancel your Hulu subscription through Amazon

The Apple example above showed you that it is possible to purchase Hulu using one of the many variations of third-party billing. You're going to see that some of these methods are pretty much unique, purely because they're based on the third party's billing systems and methods. We're going to start with Amazon and then proceed to other examples.

If you've used Amazon to bill your Hulu subscription, you can actually use both services to cancel this subscription. While we've already discussed how to cancel subscriptions in Hulu settings, the same process for Amazon is not that different – all you have to do is to log in to your Amazon account while on the Amazon Pay page. After that, you can find all of your operations in the Merchant Agreements section (including your Hulu subscription), and you can cancel specific recurring operations with the Cancel agreement button.

Unsubscribing from Hulu via Comcast Xinfinity

If your Hulu subscription was billed using Comcast Xinfinity, you have the ability to manage your Hulu subscription using your Xinfinity TV box. You can use it to cancel your Hulu subscription, pause it or change the plan.

The instructions here are also pretty simple, with only three steps on the list:

  • Your Settings menu is a starting point for this process;
  • After that, you have to find the Apps & Subscriptions option to access your Hulu subscription details;
  • As soon as you're logged in to your Hulu account, you'll have all of the features mentioned above – including the ability to unsubscribe from it all by clicking the Unsubscribe button.

How to cancel your Hulu subscription when used with Disney+

When it comes to paying for Hulu using Disney, the process is extremely similar to what we've seen before – you log into your Disney account here and manage your subscriptions using that exact page. However, there is a catch here.

There is actually a bundle of services called Disney Bundle – it offers Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ services in a single package. And the biggest difference here is the service you've used to perform the purchase.

If the purchase was billed in Hulu, you'll have to use your Hulu account to cancel this bundle, and the same applies to Disney+ – it needs your Disney account. Additionally, there's also a nuance with separating the services within the bundle – if you want to cancel everything but the Hulu service, you'll have to go to your Disney account to cancel both Disney+ and ESPN+. As a result, your Hulu subscription would remain and would start billing itself separately.

How to unsubscribe from Hulu billed with Verizon

Another possibility here is for your Hulu subscription to be billed using Verizon. In this case, your only option is to go to your Verizon account settings and find all of your subscription information in the Add-ons and Apps category.

That page would be able to give you the ability to unsubscribe from your Hulu subscription. You can also go to Verizon customer support for more information on the topic.

Cancelling your Hulu subscription with Spotify

Since Hulu is only present for Spotify Premium for Students users, the only subscription cancellation option here would be to do the following:

  • Go to your Spotify account page and log in;
  • Find the Account Overview category and Your Services option, which you need to click;
  • Clicking Deactivate Hulu is all you have to do to finish this process.

It should be noted that this does not eliminate the entirety of your Spotify subscription–only your Hulu access is affected.

How to cancel my Hulu account using Roku or Sprint

These two options are kept in the same category for simplicity's sake. This is done because the process of eliminating your Hulu subscription billed using Sprint or Roku is only done using Hulu's account page, and nothing else. The process of doing that was already discussed above. Aside from that, there's pretty much no difference between Sprint and Roku as billing methods if you'll be using them to cancel your Hulu subscription.

How to pause my Hulu account

As a side note, keep in mind that Hulu also has the option to pause your subscription for a specific time period – up to 12 weeks, in some cases. This is a great alternative for people that don't want to get rid of Hulu subscription permanently and only consider stopping for a month or two.

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