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How to Cancel Chegg Subscription and Membership?

Chegg is a relatively unique service in what it offers – study-related content, including tutors, textbooks, and so on. And yet it is also one of the myriad of subscription services that exist today. As with any subscription, there comes a time when the user in question might want to cancel it for some reason – and this article details different methods of Chegg subscription cancellation.

Subscription cancellation is a relatively normal action in the modern day, especially with so many subscription services offering pretty much anything you can imagine, including movies, games, shows, and so on. There are also quite a lot of subscriptions that are a bit more unconventional, such as a fitness subscription, or a study-related subscription. Chegg is a good example of the latter.

Chegg is a study-related subscription service that offers a number of different options, with the biggest ones being educational services, textbook rentals, as well as virtual tutoring. It is quite popular among students as a whole, and is often cheaper than getting a specific book or hiring a tutor for a specific subject.

What is Chegg Study?

It is important to have a clear distinction between Chegg and Chegg Study before we proceed. Chegg itself is a technological company – a platform that offers several different study-related subscription services. Chegg Study, on the other hand, is the most popular subscription service of Chegg – offering thousands of textbook solutions for $14.95.

Chegg also has other subscriptions that you can buy, such as:

  • Chegg Math Solver ($9.95 a month);
  • Chegg Test Prep (the cost varies depending on the test you’re preparing for);
  • Chegg Writing ($9.95 a month);
  • Chegg Tutors (choice between fixed amounts of time and a pay-as-you-go model).

Chegg as a whole also has a free trial that starts automatically whenever you’re creating a new Chegg account. You can use this period to get an unlimited number of answers from their Q&A experts, get a single one-on-one session with a Chegg tutor for half an hour, and rent or buy textbooks with discounts.

Another point of interest here is that Chegg also offers a Study Pack – a collection of Chegg Study, Chegg Math Solver, and EasyBib Plus for $19.95 a month. While it is cheaper than all of these sold separately, this pack is not offered constantly for everyone, so it is harder to get than the rest.

How to cancel Chegg subscription using a website?

Now that we’re done with covering the pricing as a whole, we can safely say that Chegg offers multiple different subscription types – but the subscription type does not change the subscription cancellation method as a whole. For simplicity’s sake, we are going to refer to the cancellation process of all the subscriptions mentioned above as “Chegg subscription cancellation”.

There are multiple different approaches that you can use to cancel Chegg membership, starting with the more obvious one – using their own Chegg website. The process itself is rather simple – all you have to do is to visit, enter your username-password combination at the login screen (can be found at the top-right corner of the web page), and choose “Change/Cancel Membership by hovering over the “My Account” button.

On this particular page, you’ll be able to either change your subscription status, or to unsubscribe from Chegg completely. For the latter, you have to press “Unsubscribe” and choose one of the options when asked for the cancellation reason. This process can be performed using pretty much any web browser – on both desktop and mobile devices, and using any of the popular web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and so on. That concludes the entire process of canceling the Chegg subscription.

How to cancel Chegg subscription using an Android device?

Since Chegg is quite popular as a whole, there are several different methods to cancel Chegg account – including Google Play Store, App Store, iTunes, and even a regular phone call/text. We’re going to start with Android devices here, and work through the list one by one.

But how can we cancel a Chegg subscription billed via an Android device? First of all, we have to start by opening the Google Play Store app and clicking on our profile picture. Right after that, you’ll be presented with multiple options, including the one we’re looking for – “Payments & subscriptions”. 

Choosing “Subscriptions” inside of the next menu should get you to the list of all the subscriptions that are currently active within your Google account. All you have to do here is to choose your Chegg subscription and click “Cancel Subscription” – you may have to confirm the action again, but this should be the end of the entire process. That is how you can cancel Chegg membership with an Android device.

How to cancel Chegg subscription using an Apple device?

While we’re on the topic of smartphones, Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads can also be used to both bill and cancel your Chegg subscription. The process is relatively similar to what we have done with Android devices, with one clear distinction – Apple devices can manage their subscriptions directly from the device’s “Settings” app.

We have to open the app in question to begin. After that, you just have to tap your Apple ID and locate the “Subscriptions” option on the list. This would allow you to see a list of subscriptions that are connected to your Apple account, in a similar fashion to our Android example. 

The process of cancelling Chegg membership is also similar – find Chegg on the list, tap it and choose the “Cancel Subscription” option. This allows you to cancel a Chegg subscription with an iPhone or iPad. However, there is also an alternative – Mac devices, with their own method of subscription management.

While it is slightly different from the previous methods, it is still the same in essence – start by opening the App Store application (or iTunes, depending on your macOS version), access your Apple ID menu (“View information” button on top of the window, sometimes requires identity confirmation), and choose the “Subscriptions” option in the menu.

In the list of all your subscriptions, find Chegg Study (or any other service you’ve chosen) and choose “Edit” beside it – this option allows you to manage your Chegg subscription as a whole, including subscription cancellation, which is available under “Cancel Subscription”. This is a conclusion to the process of canceling a Chegg subscription with a Mac device.

How to cancel Chegg subscription billed with PayPal?

Going for an unconventional method here, PayPal also offers the ability to cancel a Chegg account without accessing the Chegg website. The process here is a bit more lengthy than with the other examples.

You can begin by getting to PayPal’s home page and logging into your PayPal account. After that, you can locate the “Settings” button near the log out option, and click it to proceed.

The “Settings” page as a whole offers multiple different options for PayPal users, but the one we’re looking for is “Payments”. Choosing “Manage Automatic Payments” right after that allows you to see your recurring transaction history in terms of subscriptions – and Chegg should be there, too (if your subscription was billed with PayPal in the first place).

Choosing Chegg on this list automatically gives you an option to cancel the subscription as a whole – all you have to do is to confirm your intent by clicking “Cancel Automatic Payments” first, and then confirming everything with “Done”.

How to cancel Chegg subscription using a mobile phone?

Surprisingly enough, Chegg subscription can also be cancelled using a more traditional method – such as a mobile phone. All you have to do is to reach out to Chegg customer service either via a phone call or a text message. The phone numbers you’re looking for are 855-477-0177 and 408-351-0942, respectively.

There is no set procedure to this process, but you would likely be asked to confirm your identity before being able to cancel your Chegg subscription. That is about the only certainty that can be noted in this process. 

It should be noted that, while the cancellation request as a whole should be processed immediately, you are still allowed to use the service in question until you reach the expiration date for your last payment before cancellation. There is no fee for Chegg subscription cancellation, either.

Additionally, Chegg can also refund the unused time for your Chegg Study subscription, or any other of their services. Chegg’s refund policy is fairly flexible and the refunds can be given in both Chegg credit and regular cash.

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