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How to Cancel ABCmouse Subscription? How to Unsubscribe from ABCmouse?

Find out how to cancel subscription in ABCmouse and delete your account online, via apps or their customer support - INXY is here to guide you step by step. ABCmouse is a well-established educational service for pre-schoolers. Want to cancel ABCmouse subscription and stop paying for it? Here’s a stack of step-by-step instructions for that.

With numerous educational projects and applications accessible for preschoolers, how do you have any idea which one is worth your time and money? is a membership-based service for youngsters aged 2 to 8. Made by a group of instructors, it offers a full internet-based educational program for kids in pre-K, kindergarten, and early primary school.

For a fixed fee, young users get access to The Early Learning Academy, a full web-based educational program for pre-K, kindergarten, and 1st and 2nd grade. It offers over 10,000 learning exercises for math, basic sciences, social examinations, crafts lessons, and music.

However, people do not really need to keep their subscriptions to services like ABCmouse forever, and there may be multiple reasons for that – children growing older, subject coverage not being suitable for some reason, and more. What matters is that there are many different ways to cancel your ABCmouse subscription – including both the website/application of the service itself, as well as multiple different third-party billing services.

If you don't want to use the service anymore, you need to cancel your membership - this guide will show you the ways to do it.

Is it easy to cancel ABCmouse?

If you want to cancel ABCmouse, our instructions will make the process much easier. Please note that processing of your request may take some time, so if you need to terminate your subscription right away, resolve to the quickest methods - calling customer support or ending your membership in the app via your smartphone (ABCmouse is available for both iOS and Android).

How to cancel ABCmouse online?

Follow the directions beneath to cancel your ABCMouse membership:

  1. Go to;

  2. Look at the part of the menu and snap on the Gear sign;

  3. On the new page, select 'Parents Resource;

  4. Enter your password;

  5. Find ‘My account’ section on the page and click on it;

  6. Click ‘Cancellation’;

  7. Now, select ‘End membership’ and click on the corresponding button;

  8. You should choose a justification for quitting. Pick the option that you prefer;

  9. Click 'Proceed' on the following pages;

  10. Click on the ‘I understand’ button and then 'Proceed with canceling'.

When your membership is terminated, you will get an email. If you want to reverse the cancellation, you can contact the ABCMouse Customer Service group here.

Cancel via Email

There’s another method of canceling your subscription, which can be useful if the first one doesn’t work.

  1. Go to;

  2. Scroll down to the lower part of the site and snap on 'Customer support';

  3. On the new page, select 'Charging';

  4. The first things you see on the page don't matter for dropping a membership. At the lower part of the screen, select 'I'd in any case prefer to contact Customer Support';

  5. You will be requird to give your complete name and email. Finish up this data, alongside a message expressing you need to cancel the membership and select 'Submit'.

The Customer Service group will require 24-48 hours to answer you by means of email (but most answers are provided in 24 hours). Make sure to actually look at your spam and trash folders.

Once the cancellation is finished, you will get an affirmation email affirming your record has been deleted.

Cancel your subscription via Customer Service Team

If you would like to address a customer support representative, you can contact the ABCMouse Customer Service group via their live chat. When the company ceases your subscription, you will receive an email letter affirming that. You should provide the customer support service with your record data to effectively cancel the membership.

ABCmouse cancellation number is not provided on the Contacts page, but you can submit a ticket to reach out to customer support.

How to cancel ABCmouse via Amazon

While the process of cancellation does not seem to be that complicated, it's important to keep in mind that there are multiple different third-party services that can be used to bill ABCmouse subscription with, and each service would have its own method of cancellation, too.

Our first example here would be Amazon – it is possible to bill your ABCmouse subscription using your Amazon account, and this is where the difference in cancellation methods comes from.

The process of canceling an ABCmouse subscription with Amazon would start at Amazon's Account page – you need to be logged in to access it properly, too. As soon as you are logged in, you should see a separate page for your subscriptions.

Moving to that page should show you a list of subscriptions tied to your Amazon account. All you have to do here is to find "ABCmouse", click "Actions" near it and choose "Turn off auto-renewal". After confirming this action, your ABCmouse subscription should be canceled. 

How do I cancel ABCmouse by phone?

If you want to cancel the membership through the app by ABCmouse, unsubscribe via your phone settings. Alternatively, you can use a classic phone call to do the same.

How to cancel ABCmouse via a phone call

Going for a more classic approach, it should also be possible to cancel your ABCmouse subscription using a simple phone call – the ABCmouse cancellation number you're looking for is (800) 663-3331. You would be asked to prove your identity in some way before the cancellation request can be processed.

Cancel via your iPhone

If you have downloaded the ABCMouse application and bought the membership through iTunes, you should drop it directly through this app.

  1. Open ‘Settings’ in your smartphone;

  2. Proceed to iTunes;

  3. Find your Apple ID and view it;

  4. Look down to 'Memberships' and select 'ABCmouse';

  5. Deselect the 'Auto Renewal';

  6. Confirm the cancellation.

You will get an email affirming your cancellation. You might want to delete the application after your membership is finished.

Cancel via your Android device

You can likewise cancel your membership through your Android settings.

  1. Open Play Store;

  2. Tap on the menu symbol (three bars);

  3. Select 'My Apps and Games';

  4. Select 'Memberships';

  5. Select the ABCMouse membership and select 'Make payment';

  6. Select 'Cancel Subscription'.

You will get an email affirming your cancellation. You might want to delete the application after your membership is finished.

How to cancel ABCmouse via Apple's iTunes desktop app

You will get an email affirming your cancellation. You might want to delete the application after your membership is finished.

How to delete an ABCmouse assessment account?

Alternatively, it is also possible to use the iTunes app on your desktop device to cancel the subscription in question (multiple newer macOS versions would have to open the App Store app instead). The process itself is strikingly similar to the one described above:

  1. Locate your account settings' page;

  2. Find the "Subscriptions" menu;

  3. Scroll until you find the ABCmouse subscription;

  4. Click the cancellation button.

How to cancel ABCmouse via PayPal

As a rather popular name in terms of payment systems, it is no surprise that PayPal has the option to manage recurring payments (i.e. subscriptions) on its own. To do that with ABCmouse, the first thing we have to do is to go to the official PayPal website and log in.

After that, the "Settings" tab is the one we are looking for, located at the top of the screen. Clicking it should show you a menu, in which we have to choose the "Payments" option. This option gives us the entire page titled "Automatic Payments" – choose "Manage Automated Payments" to proceed.

Now you will be shown a list of different merchant agreements you interacted with before. Finding ABCmouse on this list should not be too hard (it can also be billed as "Age of Learning, Inc.") – click on it to initiate the subscription cancellation process. The website itself would ask if you wish to "Cancel Automatic Payments", which you should confirm, and clicking "Done" on the verification page should eliminate your ABCmouse subscription completely.

It should be noted that ABCmouse works the same way as most of the subscriptions do – even if you cancel the subscription right after paying for it, you would still have access to the entire set of features until the period you paid for expires. Additionally, you can check if you've been billed for this service by searching your statement for the "ABCmouse" word, in different variations and combinations.

  1. Click the Gear symbol in the upper-right corner of your screen;

  2. Select the Parents Section;

  3. Click the board named My Account;

  4. Select the Cancellation Policy;

  5. After proceeding, affirm that you want to cancel your Assessment Center membership;

  6. Click Continue;

  7. Follow the guidelines until you get affirmation of cancellation.

Note that canceling your Assessment Center membership is not the same thing as canceling your membership in ABCmouse Early Learning Academy, which will require a different unsubscription procedure!

After you've unsubscribed, the page should state: "Your Assessment Center membership has been canceled." You can continue working with the Assessment Center until the finish of your present payment period.

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Does ABCmouse free trial automatically turn into a paid membership?

Indeed, it does. All new users have a 30-day period for testing after which their memberships will be consequently restored and charged. You can cancel the free trial without payments but in this case, you won't have an entire month of free access.

Does ABCmouse offer discounts after account cancellation?

Some users report being offered a discount before canceling their membership, so this might work for you, too. If you don’t need a discount, click ‘End membership’.

Would I be able to put my ABCmouse membership on hold?

Yes, this option will be available during canceling your ABCmouse membership. If you're not content with the application or don't have any desire to keep paying for it, your main option is unsubscribing. You can restore your profile by signing in with your old credentials and picking a membership plan if you change your mind.

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