How to setup Leaseweb CDN

To start working with Leaseweb CDN you have to order this service from us and get login and password to your registration e-mail.
Step 1

You should enter the admin panel of Leaseweb by using URL:
Step 2

Choose "Manage Zones" and then go to "Origin" to set your first origin.
Step 3

Press "Add" and then press "Add Simple origin".
Step 4

Input Label (Friendly name, choose it yourself) and URL to your website (for example
Step 5

Choose "Manage Zones" and then go to "Pull Zones".
Step 6

Press "Add" and choose the kind of content you want to work with.
Step 7

Input the CNAME you want to use and choose the origin from the list (for example the one we created at Step 4). After that save the changes pressing Save button in the bottom of the page.
Step 8

CDN setup is finished and now you can use CDN service URLs. You should take CNAME Target from the 7th Step and you can use the URLs like

If you want to use CNAME you will have to go to your domain registration admin panel and make a record for CNAME. You should point the chosen CNAME (for example to target CNAME ( After DNS propagation you will be able to use URLs like

Keep in mind that if you use HTTPS connection you will have to upload a certificate issued for the CNAME you chose.
Step 9

Update the URLs of your website using new CDN URLs and it's done.
How to see consumed traffic
  1. Log in.
  2. Go to Statistics and check your bandwidth or traffic consumption.
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