Как настроить EdgeCast CDN

To begin work with EdgeCast you have to order service from us and get login and password by using any mean of communication that is convenient to you.
Step 1
You should enter the adminpanel of EdgeCast by using URL: https://my.edgecast.com/Account/Login
Step 2
Choose Small HTTP tab (for images or js,css files) or Large HTTP tab (for videos and files larger than 300-500 Kb).
Step 3
Go to Customer Origin menu and create directory (usually with the same name as domain, to avoid confusion). Directory name should be put without extensions, for example - mydomain.
Input domain from which the data should be cached into the field Hostname or IP Address - in our case mydomain.com.
Press Add for domain and then Add in the bottom right corner to add directory. The directory will be created.
Step 4
Go to menu Edge Cname and create CDN (for example, cdn.mydomain.com), choose Customer Origin below and choose the directory that you have created during the previous step (mydomain). Press Add. Now Cname is tied to directory.
Step 5
Create Cname of the type cdn.mydomain.com as cname wac (wpc).ID.edgecastcdn.net. Take ID value from the field Points To for created Edge Cname.
Step 6
Wait for hour or so for changes to take effect.
Step 7
In 1 hour you will be able to test if CDN is working by using test picture from mydomain.com/test.jpg in cdn.mydomain.com/test.jpg If you are able to open this test picture, everything is working.
How to see consumed traffic
  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to Analytics Tab
  3. Go to Traffic Summary
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