How to setup Highwinds CDN

To start working with Highwinds CDN you have to order this service from us and get login and password to your registration e-mail. This e-mail with the credentials will be sent from the Highwinds support automatically after account creation.

Step 1

You should enter the admin panel of Highwinds by using URL:

Step 2

Choose “Origins” and then go to “Create an Origin” to set your first origin.


Step 3

Input any friendly name in the NAME field and input your origin URL into the HOSTNAME field and then press the SUBMIT button.


Step 4

Go to SITES and then press Create a Site.


Step 5

Input your domain and scan it.

Step 6

You will see the results of the scan. If you wish you can change SITE NAME (any friendly name you want) and change the protocol if needed (not recommended). Then press Create Site.

Step 7

You will receive the summary for created SITE.

Step 8

Press on the SITE name (My site) to configure it.


Step 9

As you see from the screenshot you can use new URLs (Delivery domains). For example if you have a file it will be available from

If you want to use CNAME you should add it to the list of delivery domains by pressing “Add another”. You should point the chosen CNAME (for example to CNAME target ( After DNS propagation you will be able to use URLs like

Keep in mind that if you use HTTPS connection you will have to upload a certificate issued for the CNAME you chose.


Step 10

Update the URLs of your website using new CDN URLs and it’s done.

How to see consumed traffic
  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to Dashboard.
  3. Keep in mind that HTTP and HTTPS traffic are billed separately.

Still have questions?

Email us at or chat us on the site.

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