How to setup AHCDN

To start working with AHCDN you have to order this service from us and send the following information to so we will be able to setup your account.

Step 1

Tell us please which kind of files do you want to deliver using CDN: small files or big files. Depending on your content we will choose one of the two platforms of AHCDN.

Step 2

In order to connect to CDN all files which you’d like to deliver through the CDN’s network they should be uploaded to CDN. You can go several ways about that:

  1. Our engineers will provide you with FTP access and you’ll upload the content to CDN. After files are successfully imported to CDN they will be deleted.
  2. Our engineers can provide you with the CDN’s API and you’ll be able to upload only those files to CDN that you’d like to deliver through its network.
  3. We can configure rsync in order to receive a list of files and download link. The import script will create a list of files and add it to CDN.
Also we can configure the file import by request. I.e., the end user is requesting the file from CDN’s domain. If the file has not been found on CDN, the end user will be redirected to the domain where this file’s available. Afterwards this file will be added to CDN. Thus, for the following requests it will be delivered from CDN.

You should choose how we will proceed.

Step 3

Specify if any hotlink protection is required, like:
  1. Limit by referrer.
  2. Token auth protection for which you can also set TTL (time-to-live).
  3. To combine p1 and p2 protections.
    4) Or do not protect the content at all.

Step 4

Choose the CNAME you want to use.

Step 5

Our support will send you the CNAME and the CNAME target url. You will have to go to your domain registration admin panel and make a record for CNAME. You should point the chosen CNAME (for example to target CNAME. After DNS propagation you will be able to use URLs like

Step 6

Update the URLs of your website using new CDN URLs and it’s done.
How to see consumed traffic
  1. Our support will send you the credentials to AHCDN admin panel.
  2. Go to the traffic summary and check the bandwidth for your account.

Still have questions?

Email us at or chat us on the site.

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