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E-commerce provides one of the most popular types of shopping nowadays. Really, it is hard to imagine any company and business who doesn't have its own website and doesn't promote or sell the services online. The number of such projects grows annually and this makes the reliable and quality hosting the must.
Ecommerce Servers
It is always a good idea to host e-commerce project on a dedicated server

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

Unlimited resources
Dedicated bandwidth channels
Tier-1 providers
Enhanced security
Flexible server specs and configuration

Why use CDN for ecommerce?

If your target audience is vast and spreads to several continents it is also good to add CDN solution to your project to enhance static content delivery to remote parts of the world and optimize content delivery in general.
Faster delivery is better for SEO
Optimize delivery by using the best routes
Increase conversion rates
Accelerate static content
Use the CDN calculator to find out the exact cost and get free trial
How much is it?

Try to use DNS for ecommerce

You can also consider adding managed DNS service to your package, to ensure that the domain resolves fast for any visitor.
Download our offer or see more detailed information about CDN

Special DNS offer

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