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Your business is totally safe and secure with our colocation services

We meet all standards of security and technical areas. We are there for you 24/7 and 365 days a year with no holidays and no days off.
Colocation services
To view our current offers and special prices, refer to this offer.

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Why Use INXY Colocation Services

Optimize your costs
We offer optimal colocation prices and mix of bandwidth providers with Tier1 included.
Infrastructure stability and reliability
We guarantee 99,99% uptime of your equipment and our professional support to achieve maximum performance.
High level of physical security
We ensure that your equipment is safe in all cases and under all circumstances by using several layers of security.
Flexibility and scalability
We understand customers need as no-one else. Knowing what it means when your business grows, we are always there to give you the power and flexibility of all our resources.
Remote hands available 24/7/365
Our quality personnel is always ready to intervene and help with all relevant procedures in shortest time possible.
We rent spaces in professional Tier-4 data centers for your equipment. With expertise in security, connectivity of our quality staff you can be sure that your business is safe and up 99,99% of time, even in case of natural disasters. Racks and separate units are available.

We provide much more than simple colocation

Colocation Advanced monitoring
Advanced monitoring
It is much easier to prevent disaster than to liquidate damages. Our monitoring systems for managed and unmanaged server solutions guarantee that you get all data in time in order to make correct decisions.
Your hardware is totally protected
Investments in IT hardware are usually not small. We care about your business and restrict physical access to your hardware, allowing only staff who need it. This involves building access policies on strict basis, 24/7 surveillance monitoring and screening of the employees.
Protect your data
We guarantee the protection of your data when you follow our recommendations. From our side we always monitor for any hack attempts or other malicious activity, making your business even safe.
Colocation hardware protection
Colocation Data Protection
We take colocation matters seriously, as this ensures the business stability and its effectiveness for all our customers. Our main goal is to do all the infrastructure routine job for customer and give proper advice on scalability and development when needed. This allows our client to concentrate on business development and not on technical issues.
Vadim Kolchev
INXY.COM Director