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expires on February 1, 2019
on all devices
Share and
Access and Synchronization
Share Download and Upload links
Invite users to shared folders
Get detailed stats for your links
Brand your Download links
5 copies of files on different servers
Option for an extra layer of encryption
Selective offline access
Automatic sync across multiple devices
256-bit AES encryption for all files
HDD extension through Cloud Drive
TLS/SSL channel protection
Automatic Upload of your Camera Roll
Avaible with an additional paid service which encrypts files via client-side encryption. Try it out for 14 day free of charge.
Cloud Drive serves as a virtual hard drive - when you keep your files in it, it doesn't take up memory on your local device and lets you free up space on your hard drive.
Sync certain files and folders and keep copies both in your Cloud account and on your local device.
Customize Download links with your own title image, headline and description
Media and Usability
File Management
Backups from
Built-in video player
Video streaming
Built-in audio player with playlists
Unlimited file size and speed
Remote Upload
Online document preview
Data recovery
File Versioning
Upload files to your Cloud account, by pasting their URL address.
Rewind account
Google Drive
Access and recover older versions of your account up to 30 days in the past
Access and recover older versions of your account up to 30 days in the past.