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Speed up your project with CDN

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Content Delivery Networks (CDN) make your project several times faster and are easy to integrate.

Speed up your project with CDN

Choose a CDN package with 5Tb of bandwidth or more, and enjoy the special offer applied
We reduce the CDN cost to as low as $1.5 per 1Tb!

The synonym of quality, Leaseweb Content Delivery Network provider offers efficient and failure-proof CDN solutions with global coverage and unbeatable performance.

Hurry up, you won't find such prices anywhere else!
Why do you need my bandwidth estimation?
We do our best to give you the most precise offer and calculation. CDN is paid for bandwidth, so it is vital to have estimation (even rough) to give you an idea about the value of monthly invoice.

Where do I get my monthly bandwidth?
If you already use some third party CDN, most likely that you can find your monthly bandwidth in their personal cabinet. Otherwise, you can search for this information from your hosting provider.

Which tariff to choose?
There are two ways to pay for bandwidth - per GB and per mbps (95 percentile mrtg).

Per GB – you pay for data transferred from CDN to your end users.

Per mbps – you pay for consumed channel. Bandwidth is measured every 5 minutes and 5% of highest peaks are deducted in the end of the month. The next value is taken for billing. Usually cheaper if you have constant bandwidth without sudden high peaks.

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