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SSL is used to secure content that is transmitted from your hosting to end user and vice versa to ensure that sensitive content is not compromised
Our CDN solutions work with both custom SSL (user-provided) and shared SSL (CDN-provided) certificates
Technically speaking, it is a technology that allows to secure connection between server and browser. SSL solutions are great when we speak about such information as login credentials, content of emails, credit card information and so on.
If your website is using SSL, in order to connect to CDN, you will also need a certificate for CDN CNAME of your choice. This will allow to prevent browser errors and secure content that is transmitted via CDN.


Custom SSL is provided from end user and is also known as dedicated means that there is usually a separate IP address and separate certificate for each subdomain used on CDN. Shared SSL, as its name suggests, shares multiple subdomains on one IP and 1 certificate with other clients.
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