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How to Cancel Comcast Xfinity? Comcast Service Cancellation.

Comcast is undoubtedly the biggest ISP and cable provider in the US, servicing more than 26.9 million residential customers. Nonetheless, services provided by Xfinity are not exactly perfect and are reasonably more expensive when compared with alternatives. If you feel like canceling your Xfinity services is the right call, we can help guide you through the different methods to make this process a bit easier.

Xfinity, formerly known as Comcast, is an American telecommunications company and the leading ISP provider by a sizeable margin. Xfinity offers high-speed internet access, cable television, and telephone services in 40 states. While Xfinity internet packages provide the fastest internet services by a long shot, they are by no means cheap. Services offered by Comcast may often contain hidden fees, and according to general public opinion, customer service leaves much to be desired. There are various reasons for Comcast cancellation, and below you can find various ways to achieve that goal.

Who Has the Option to Cancel Xfinity Services?

Fortunately, you have the ability to cancel your Comcast subscription at any time. However, extra steps and some fees come forth if you possess a contract. The entire process could be substantially painless if you do not have a contract with them. You will also want to prepare an excuse or reason for cancellation. Strictly speaking, this is not necessary, but it can save a lot of time as the Comcast representative won't try as hard to change your mind.

How Much Will This Cost You?

If you had a yearly contract, then the cancellation fee is typically 10$ per month remaining on the subscription. For example, if you have 4 months remaining on your Xfinity contract, it will be a total of 40$ to cancel it prematurely. Considering Comcast prices, you may even save money by paying the cancellation fee instead of the bill.

How Long Will It Take?

After receiving your cancellation request, it will take approximately 48 hours or 2 business days to process and finalize your request. However, Instances of cancellation requests not going through have been noted. If their services are still available after 48 hours, it's probably a good idea to call and remind them.

Cancel Xfinity Using the Company Website

You have the option to cancel Xfinity by submitting a form on the Comcast website. An Xfinity employee will reach out to you in several business days to verify your request. If you do not receive such a call, it is safe to assume that something went wrong, and an additional attempt or a direct call could be required. Here are the steps.

First, you will need to log into your Xfinity account using your Xfinity ID or phone number. Next, you need to locate and complete the revocation form available on the website. Make certain to fill out all the lines. Double-check your answers if needed and submit the form. An Xfinity employee will contact you via a phone call within a couple of business days to confirm the cancellation. Lastly, the only remaining requirement is to return their devices. The last step requires a separate online form that puts it on a record that you have initiated the returns. To avoid extra fees, it is recommended to do this step as soon as possible.

Cancel Xfinity Over the Phone

A more traditional way to make use of the Comcast cancel service would be via a phone call. Follow the instructions below if this way is more to your liking.

Start by dialing the phone number: 1 (800) 934-6489. Inform the representative of your decision and present your reason for cancellation. The agent might try to introduce new deals or packages. Makes sure to be crystal clear and present your wishes firmly and confirm the cancellation. It is also recommended to ask for instructions or directions about returning the equipment to avoid unnecessary fees.

Cancel Xfinity in Person

You may pay a direct visit to your local Xfinity store and submit a form in person. Again, you will need to present your situation and give a reason for cancelation. Afterward, you will need to hand over their equipment or send it via post at a later date.

Cancel Xfinity Through a Letter

Comcast cancellation is also attainable by sending a letter to Comcast Cable ATTN: Service Change Requests 1701 JFK Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19103. It is absolutely necessary to include your credentials, phone number, and account number. Once the letter is received, Comcast will contact you within several business days to confirm the details.

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