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How to Cancel HelloFresh?

HelloFresh is a popular fresh meal subscription service that offers multiple choices and a myriad of recipes for its users. However, it’s not the only option on the market, and there might come a time when you would want to cancel this particular service. In this article we’re going to go over all of the HelloFresh cancellation methods, from the official website to a phone call and everything in-between.

With the current popularity of subscription services as a whole, it is not particularly surprising when you see subscription services appear for something unusual. One such unusual service is HelloFresh – a fresh meal delivery service that offers specific products in precise quantities, as well as a recipe (it’s far from any standard food delivery service).

The main thing that is unusual about HelloFresh is that it’s not a one-time delivery service, but an ongoing subscription – delivering you different meal combinations a specific number of times per week. While it is quite convenient at times, this kind of approach is also the biggest downside of the service – each time that you want to travel, change the service in question, or simply cut down your subscription expenses, you’ll have to modify or cancel HelloFresh subscription as a whole.

How to cancel HelloFresh using an official website

Since HelloFresh is a weekly subscription plan, there is an option to pause your subscription for a specific period of time – to skip several meals, so to speak. It is worth noting that this option is only available when you’re using an official website or an official app to access your HelloFresh subscription.

Another important fact that is important to mention here is that HelloFresh no longer offers its first order for free – this offer has been discontinued, and now all you can get is a discount for several orders after creating a new account. At some point, it was possible to get the first order and cancel the subscription right after that, but it is no longer possible since the offer itself was discontinued.

Now that we went over the important information, it is time to showcase how to cancel HelloFresh with an official website. Your first step would be to go to the website in question and log in using your HelloFresh account credentials.

After logging in, you should see your name at the top right corner of the screen. Clicking it would bring a rather long menu with multiple options, such as “Cookbook”, “Help”, “Log Out”, etc. The option we’re looking for here is “Account Settings” – you have to click it to proceed.

Your account settings would also have a multitude of information, with a separate tab that has all of your plan settings. At the bottom of this tab you should find a button called “Cancel Plan” and click it.

HelloFresh has multiple steps in its subscription cancellation operation. First of all, you have to confirm your intentions by clicking “Cancel anyway” on the screen that shows you how else you can interact with the service – reduce or increase your weekly ration, call the customer support, “skip a meal”, and so on. The next page would have a long list of options, from which you have to choose your reason for canceling the subscription in question.

Click one of the options here and choose “Cancel anyway” once again. At the following screen, you should see “Your subscription has been canceled”, along with the exact date of your final delivery. 

It is worth noting that all of your HelloFresh cancellation efforts should be at least five days before the next delivery on your schedule to avoid being charged for that specific order. Failing to do that might result in you being charged for the next order, deducting a week’s worth of funds from you ahead of time.

How to cancel HelloFresh using an app

Our first alternative would be to use an official HelloFresh app – it can also be used to modify or cancel HelloFresh subscription. The process itself is relatively similar to the one we performed using the website – open the app and log in using your HelloFresh credentials.

Next, choose the “Profile” or “Settings” icon at the bottom of the screen – it should lead you to your profile’s page. If your profile is billed with a specific meal plan, you should be able to see the “Edit Plan Settings” button that you have to touch to continue.

Right after that, scroll down until you see the “Cancel my subscription” button. You may need to confirm your intentions at this point in some way, either to choose a reason for cancellation (Android devices), or to call your local HelloFresh branch to process your cancellation order. Nevertheless, this is how the HelloFresh mobile app can be used to cancel the subscription in question.

How to cancel HelloFresh with Android

While the rest of these methods do not allow you to modify your subscription in any way other than cancellation, they are still viable, especially if your subscription was billed using one of these services in the first place. As such, we can start with an Android device as an example.

In this particular case, the process is the same as when canceling pretty much any other subscription that was billed using Google Play. You can start by opening the Google Play Store app and clicking on your profile icon – this should bring out a new menu, in which we’re looking for an option called “Payments & subscriptions”.

After choosing this option, you’ll have to choose between four potential options – “Subscriptions” is the one we’re looking for here. The “Subscriptions” menu should list all of the subscriptions billed using this particular Google account, and each segment of this list should have a “Cancel Subscription” button near it.

You may have to confirm your action by clicking “Cancel” once again in some way, but this is the basic process of how to cancel HelloFresh with an Android device.

How to cancel HelloFresh with an Apple device

The difference between Android and Apple in this particular situation is rather negligible – most of the steps are pretty much the same, and the only thing that changes in the process is the starting point.

In this case, it is worth noting that there would be three different processes of cancellation – using an iOS device, using a macOS device with an older OS version (before Catalina), and using a macOS device with a newer OS version (Catalina and newer). 

We are going to use the iOS version of this process as a baseline – you have to open your “Settings” app, locate and click on your Apple ID, choose “Subscriptions”. A “Subscriptions” menu is a list of all of your subscriptions, including HelloFresh. Choose HelloFresh to see the “Cancel Subscription” button, and click this button to cancel your HelloFresh subscription.

The only part of this process that would be different for older macOS versions is the application we’re working with – we have to open iTunes instead. Other than that, the process is similar – access your account settings, find the “Subscriptions” tab and click on HelloFresh to see the cancellation button. The same could be applied for newer macOS versions – here, we’ll have to go to the App Store app, and not iTunes.

As you can see, the process of subscription cancellation for both Apple and Android devices is rather simple. The remaining processes are also not that hard to comprehend.

How to cancel HelloFresh with PayPal

While it might seem rather unusual, you can also bill and cancel your HelloFresh subscription using PayPal. The process is incredibly similar to what we have explained so far – starting with going to PayPal’s main page and logging in.

After that, you should have your own dashboard, with multiple tabs above – including the “Settings” tab. This tab should provide you a lot of different options, including “Payments” – the one we’re looking for. The “Payments” button should redirect you to the Automatic Payments dashboard, in which you’ll be able to see a button called “Manage Automatic Payments”. 

This last menu shows some of your latest transactions and merchant agreements, segregated by different recipients. Locate HelloFresh on this list and confirm your intentions (with the “Cancel Automatic Payments” button, as well as the “Done” button afterwards) to cancel HelloFresh subscription.

How to cancel HelloFresh using a phone or an email

When it comes to HelloFresh cancellation, there are two more alternatives here – an email and a phone call. While reaching out to HelloFresh via an email should be relatively easy – the most likely option would be the email address – it’s not as easy with the phone call.

The problem here is that HelloFresh is a rather popular service that works in many countries all over the world. As such, the phone number of your local HelloFresh branch can differ quite a lot depending on your location. 

For example, dialing 1-800-733-2414 would work in the US, but the phone number in Canada would be different. By the same logic, dialing 02-8199-7222 works for Australia, but the number would be different for the UK or New Zealand.


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