How to deal with video management
challenges effectively?

How to manage video distribution so that it was
effective and not very costly?
Many organizations use video as one of the most effective communication methods. It serves for internal training, message exchange, human resource management and marketing. However, excessive use of video creates some kinds of challenge for organizations. How to manage video distribution so that it was effective and not very costly?
The main challenge is management of huge video libraries and maximizing the return of your investment. Storage is another issue that companies face: cloud and servers require considerable expenses. And, of course, people need to make sure that time and money invested into content creation will pay off in spades.
Specialists note that many companies manage to figure out and organize video creation and its storage in different places, but they can't use video files immediately when they want. What they need then is some managed service that will help with library integration and increase revenue.
There are some special integration firms that help with video management, but many customers start considering content delivery network as a cheaper and more versatile solution. How can it help?
Solve the problem of storage. Storing all your mission-critical files in one place is a huge mistake. One day a server or a computer may break down, and data will be lost. With video CDN, user can be sure that his information is safe and sound. If one of edge servers gets out of work, data will stay cached in other PoPs, and developers and end-users will have stable access to it.
You determine the location of PoPs depending on your target audience. Modern
providers offer hundreds of nodes all around the world, which allows managing delivery effectively. You can simply figure out which locations of end-users are crucial for your business, and order some certain CDN. Video will be delivered much quicker to end-users, if servers are placed near to them.
Some companies specialize on video streaming and need very effective and powerful solutions. CDN for video stream have specific configurations and features that allow delivering video in real time with maximum speed without lags.
With CDN for video, user gets valuable analytics that shows which assets are more popular, where from users access the web-site, which pages are opened more often, and a lot of other useful information. All that helps optimizing site and figuring out which video files should be streamed, which time for streaming is the most optimal, etc. Analytic tools help companies understand better what their clients want, and how video files can be transferred quickly and effectively.
CDN providers have various troubleshooting mechanisms which show whether a server is out of service, or performance is lower than usual, or hardware has been damaged. Ordering CDN service, a customer may forget about headaches connected with constant technical assistance. Tech staff controls network 24/7, and makes sure that every server works properly.
CDN for mobile video delivery is also a very efficient solution. If you aim at providing video for recreational purposes, be ready to serve it for thousands of mobile users. With mobile CDN the speed of delivery increases dramatically, and the risks of information loss also reduce. However, you should get your provider's recommendation and decide what you need more: a solution for video delivery, or mobile optimization.
Scalability is what many other services lack. Video files require a lot of space, and if one day you realize that existing resources are not enough to store data and transfer it to all end-users, you can ask provider to switch to a more powerful solution. Each customer's solution is customized, and you can easily figure out the most optimal configuration and the number of PoPs you need.
All that goes without saying that CDN is a less costly solution than other types of hosting. Since video requires a lot of storage space, some companies face the fact that one server may not be enough. Investing in infrastructure is very expensive, and takes month, if not years, for full integration. When the number of video files is growing, this mission becomes almost impossible. On the contrary, CDN provides automatic caching on all servers, and always turns out to be cheaper. Whenever you need it, you will be able to switch to a more powerful configuration.
CDN for stream video is a highly efficient solution that can easily replace integrator
companies and building of an entire infrastructure. This is a perfect solution for streaming, broadcasting and on-demand videos. So if your project is aimed at marketing, teaching or entertaining around the world – you should definitely go for it!
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