CDN for WordPress sites

CDN offers a lot of benefits, but before buying it, you should consider
whether it will be appropriate for your exact case.
CDNs (Content Delivery Network) are getting more and more widespread among site
developers, and become a real necessity for those who develop large-scale sites and projects. But despite the fact CDN is highly appreciated nowadays, there are still some cases when it may appear to be of no help.
First and foremost, we will define what CDN is. Being a system of servers located in different places (a CDN chain may be distributed worldwide), it serves to keep site content (files of different formats) and its structural constituents (Java Script, CSS files and other). CDN servers may be located in different parts of the world, and when a user sends a query for your site content, he is delivered with the data stored on the nearest server. That simplifies the access to the information and improves content delivery speed.
Why use a CDN for WordPress sites?
There are five reasons for that:
Improved performance is what CDN are applied for. They boost data loading speed, accelerating the transfer of files and static components. All that makes pages load faster, improving users experience.
Improvement of website functioning. Lowering the loading of your host, CDN serves to optimize work of your site. Exploiting a shared or private server, you may face failures and errors, especially when the traffic is overloaded. CDN servers allow distributing the traffic optimally, which helps to reduce the load on your host. Thus, dramatic traffic fluctuations will stay undetected for you and users.
Better data integration. If you alter or replace Java Script and CSS files, CDN will
automatically save all the changes on every server. Thus, it allows achieving better data consistency and integrity.
Wide coverage is another factor that defines whether you need a.CDN or not. Mind that CDN work depends on the location of servers it is comprised of. So if servers are located close to your target auditory, there is some sense in using CDN. In all other cases (most auditory is concentrated in one place, or servers are located far from users) it will not improve site functioning.
It is profitable. Although there are lots of free CDNs, these don't provide enough efficiency. Instead, choose a paid platform, and it will be compensated just in a matter of several days. Being a developer of a WordPress site, you get a lot of advantages. You don't have to set it up on your own – as a rule, provider supplies you with set-up plugins, or they are present on WordPress. Furthermore, there is no need in purchasing additional RAM, CPUs and hardware.
CDN offers a lot of benefits, but before buying it, you should consider whether it will be appropriate for your exact case.
First of all, analyze your target auditory location. If your site is accessed from one place, there is no point in using several servers at all – that will only complicate the situation and increase data loading time.
Secondly, CDNs do not help for sites with complicated codes and weak hosts.
To sum it up, a CDN is the perfect solution for large and medium-scale WordPress sites with increased flow of users, because in this case it improves data loading speed and reduces loading on host. If you elaborate a small site for the users of some certain region, there is no point in using this service yet.
There are many CDN resellers and direct providers. How can a user know which company is better? In fact, there is no certain leader in this sphere – every provider has his own competitive strengths and drawbacks, and you should judge by your own needs. CDN comparison and profound analysis will definitely help to find an optimal variant, and you won't have to switch providers and lose money.
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