CDN for WordPress blog:
do you need it?

Let's find out the reasons why you need CDN
for your WordPress Blog
Many people want to know how to speed up their WordPress blogs. And one of the most evident solutions is Content Delivery Network. But in this case, customers wonder whether they need hosting, If a CDN is implemented, not knowing what it is. This article is dedicated to the explanation of what a CDN is, and why you may need it for your WordPress blog.
First of all, we need to explain that a CDN is used in addition to usual hosting just to boost site speed and improve content delivery. It does not work instead a web hosting account. Thus, you still need to find a provider.
What is a CDN?
CDN is an abbreviation for Content Delivery Network – a chain of servers that are used to deliver static cached content to end-users, basing on their location. Sounds complicated? Let's clear it up.
Generally, users opening your WordPress blog are redirected to the server hosting it. And your server is located in a server from a datacenter. Thus, each visitor accesses this one server when opening your website. If you have thigh traffic, a server may be overloaded, which will lead to site or server crash, or loading slowing. That's when a CDN appears to be useful: this is a network of servers spread around the world. When you use it, all static content is being cached and stored on these servers. Static content is images, CSS files, JavaScript, Flash, etc. And when someone visits your site (residing on an original server), CDN redirects a user to the server located as close to him as possible (of course, a server comprising this network).
For instance, if your head server is located in San-Diego, CA, and users from Ireland are trying to access it, they will be redirected to a server located in London, e.g. the one which is closer to them. That allows to reduce the number of hops for the information to come to end users.
The distance between the user and the web server has direct influence on load time. Distributing the content between several geographically dispersed servers, you increase page loading for your site visitors. That's when CDN appears to be useful. To put it simply, the closer a CDN server to user is, the quicker the content and site pages will be loaded.
The reasons why you need CDN for your WordPress Blog
All mentioned above proves that using of CDN has a great impact on your site. Are there any other advantages? A lot of:
Speed – is the most crucial aspect conditioning CDN connection. With a network, you make your site go faster.
Crash Resistance. If you have 100% of traffic going to the main server, the chances of site crash are higher than if you are connected to a CDN. Even in case some of servers breaks down, the content distributed throughout several servers will still be available, as well as your site for the end users. Just make sure that you have implemented CDN and set up caching properly.
User Experience improvement. CDN implementation helps to decrease bounce rate and increase the number of pages viewed. Again, site speed influences users' behavior in a greater degree.
Improvement in ranking. The faster your site loads, the higher it will be in the ranking list. It was clearly stated by Google, and it does work this way.
There are many CDN resellers and direct providers. How can a user know which company is better? In fact, there is no certain leader in this sphere – every provider has his own competitive strengths and drawbacks, and you should judge by your own needs. CDN comparison and profound analysis will definitely help to find an optimal variant, and you won't have to switch providers and lose money.
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