7 reasons to switch to
a dedicated server

What are they?
Today, web hosting has become much more effective with new, advanced solutions. One of the best options for web developers is a dedicated server, because it provides a lot of opportunities and advantages.
You don't depend on other users. In comparison with shared and virtual servers, a dedicated server is exploited only by you and your sites. Thus, their work is not affected by traffic spikes on other web-sites. Moreover, there are cases when neighboring sites with bad reputation have negative influence on your site in Google ranging. Users of dedicated servers are not familiar with this problem.
You control the server. It may be a great advantage for technically-skilled web-
developers: they are free to adjust server characteristics, monitor it anytime and solve any problem the way they want to.
Are you one of those who cannot deal with problems and complications arising on a dedicated server? Then your hosting provider may supply you with client support and backups. You only need to define well in advance which problems will be solved for you, and with which issues you will have to deal on your own.
You can use as many resources as required, they are not shared with anyone else. The entire server is at your disposal, you only have to select the suitable hosting configuration (RAM, CPU characteristics, etc.).
It may be used for any purpose: site hosting (the number of site hosted is not limited), application and software installation and usage, infrastructure testing. Besides, it may be exploited as a storage server: hundreds and even thousands of various files may be kept there, regardless of their extension.
It has great characteristics. A dedicated server is one of the most powerful solutions that allows thousands and even millions of users visit a site, getting enough content delivery speed and agility. This feature allows using the technology for video gaming sites, especially multi-player games.
Its cost is totally justified. Many web-developers do not resolve to switch to a dedicated server, trying to save a penny or two. However, in many cases it may be beneficial, because users are attracted to fast-loading, convenient sites that supply data and information in a matter of a second. Besides, it improves web ranking of a site in Google system.
Dedicated hosting is the best option for those who realize that they need additional resources for their growing, developing site. When you are searching for a dedicated server, don't hesitate to ask specialists help you, and you will sooner or later find a suitable solution.

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