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INXY was founded in 2005 as a dedicated server provider and later has expanded to provide premium CDN solutions on reselling basis
Today INXY offers a huge marketplace of hosting and related services and does its best to serve the needs of customers in the constantly evolving IT world
Our approach is to provide budget-friendly solutions while maintaining the highest quality possible.

This makes the marketplace a unique platform to choose among the best services no matter how large the business is and get free expertise from quality company specialists.

You may take a look at our latest offerings at INXY Hosting Marketplace
New chapter of the story
In 2019 a fresh idea has encountered us. We have spoken to numerous clients and have found out that many of them have hard times tracking services and subscriptions they use

We seemed to have an idea!
INXY has created a new startup project that rapidly evolves and strives to bring value to individuals and businesses, no matter how large they might be. Thus it has been decided to create a subscription (service) tracker.

The main idea is that subscriptions are everywhere in the modern world, and the world needs a handy tool to deal with them and make needed optimizations.
Sounds interesting?
Sign up for our open Beta version with unlimited features and get in control of your subscriptions!
What's next?
We are thrilled by our upcoming features. Here's our roadmap to follow. We invite you to be a part of this process

INXY tracker aims to be as helpful as possible. Among the most important features are:

  • automatic import from various sources, such as bank account or file;
  • convenient dashboard to see what's happening at a glance;
  • mobile apps to stay in control on the go;
  • and more.

    INXY subscription tracker is designed to be social. You can share your work and experience with your family and colleagues. The most important features here are:

    • different user roles & levels of access;
    • sharing subscription lists by invitation or directly by the link;
    • creating separate user spaces for subscription lists.