About us

Today INXY offers a huge marketplace of hosting and related services and does its best to serve the needs of customers in the constantly evolving IT world

Our approach is to provide budget-friendly solutions while maintaining the highest quality possible.

This makes the marketplace a unique platform to choose among the best services no matter how large the business is and get free expertise from quality company specialists.

You may take a look at our latest offerings at INXY Hosting Marketplace

The birth of
a new project

INXY has created a new startup project that rapidly evolves and strives to bring value to individuals and businesses, no matter how large they might be. Thus it has been decided to create a subscription (service) tracker

The main idea is that subscriptions are everywhere in the modern world, and the world needs a handy tool to deal with them and make needed optimizations.


INXY tracker aims to be as helpful as possible. Among the most important features are:

  • automatic import from various sources, such as bank account or file;
  • convenient dashboard to see what's happening at a glance;
  • mobile apps to stay in control on the go;
  • and more.