About us

Today INXY.hosting offers a huge marketplace of hosting and related services and does its best to serve the needs of customers in the constantly evolving IT world.

Our approach was to provide budget-friendly solutions while maintaining the highest quality possible.

We’ve made the first CDN marketplace on web — a unique platform to choose among the best services no matter how large the business is and get free expertise from quality company specialists.

You may take a look at our latest offerings at INXY Hosting Marketplace


The startup project fully took our attention. Currently we proudly run an automatic subscription tracker with a number of integrations. Everyday thousands of people find, track and control their subscription expenses with our app. Here’s what we’ve accomplished already:

  • Secure automatic subscription detection from user’s transactions
  • Integration with messengers for smart reminders
  • Dashboard with an overview, statistics and forecasts

More control over subscriptions

With INXY Virtual Cards you tame subscriptions once and for all:

  • Unlimited & single-use cards
  • Purchase limits & budgeting
  • Cancelling subscriptions in one click

Space for collaboration

People interact so we are creating a network where you can:

  • Sharing of recurring payments
  • Peer-to-peer recurring payments
  • Organised shared lists with different roles

Smarter optimisation

We believe data is great source of insights, we’re evolving our AI:

  • Recommendations based on your goals and needs
  • News & offers relevant to current service usage